November 9 - December 21, 2016



Amira Behbehani a Kuwaiti self-taught artist, born in 1964-Kuwait. Began painting in 2001-2003 and participated in various international and local art exhibitions. In 2011 got involved in an international peace organization called PEACE ONE DAY and marked Kuwait the first Arab country to celebrate peace on the 21 September 2012, and in 2013 was appointed as the peace ambassador for WPMP (Peace Project Marker Project) in Kuwait, in 2015 became a member in the organisation Abolish 153.

Amira’s first solo in seven years is an exhibition curated by Simindokht Dehghani that promises to take it’s visitors on a voyage that started off as an homage to the awakening of all her feelings and senses then transpired into a celebration of trials and errors. One of the most interesting aspects of Amira Behbehani as an artist, aside from her autodidacticism, is her unyielding engagement in the production of her art and her bravery in its presentation and exhibition. We all draw and paint as children without giving any thought to how our work develops, how it is received or perceived.

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