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Fatima El Hajj

February 18, 2020

El Hajj pays tribute to one of the greatest figures in Arabic literature and poetry: Antarah Ibn Shaddad.

Mohammed Joha

February 18, 2020

Born in Gaza, Mohammed Joha's art focuses on the misinterpretation of the Arab culture through playful and bold colours from paintings to installations and photography.

Hazem Harb

February 18, 2020

Harb is a contemporary artist whose practice explores the unique relationships between place and time.

Zeina Assi

March 3, 2020

Working with different mediums, Assi presents a discourse with our current humanity.

The Hidden Condition

April 1, 2020

In collaboration with ABC, a fundraiser showcasing artworks from local artists will highlight autism and how the community can help. All proceeds will go to a parent advocacy group for funding of treatment for the children with autism in Kuwait.