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September 20, 2022

Dima Ali Quttaineh

Students of the Visual Arts

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Be free, be yourself, expand your imagination and go beyond. This is my message to all my creative students. We work together to tell a narrative, communicate a feeling and unveil the truth behind all our stories. Those emotions are constantly emerging and evolving with every brush stroke.
My dear students. Their triumphs and defeats, their dreams and fears have always and will continue to be my true inspiration. In their presence, I am a student of life. Through their art, I am always learning, always growing - forever inspired.

Students Of The Visual Arts
Dima Ali Quttaineh
Lara Al Barrak
Noura Al Husaini
Lama Al Husaini
Hussain Esam Adel AlKazemi
Mohammed Hashem AlRefai
Hussain Hashem AlRefai

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