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October 28 - December 19, 2017

Group Exhibition

Wild Moments: Through the Lens of Kuwaiti Photographers


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In the first of a photography exhibition series hosted by CAP, the work of Kuwaiti photographers’ is brought together to celebrate Mother Nature and the mesmerizing creatures of her animal kingdom.

In Wild Moments, we are taken from African savannahs, through the Kuwait marshlands and to the Hungarian wilderness, all the while following protagonists such as the dignified lion, the mischievous fox and the all-knowing owl.

This exhibition’s four photographers: Maytham Al Misri, Mohammed Khorshed, Mohammed AlKandari and Majed Al Zaabi, have collected an arsenal of awards and international recognition; from world-renowned competitions and organizations such as: National Geographic, the Al-Thani International Photography Contest, the American Photography Federation, the Hamdan Bin Rashed Contest, the Maria Luisa Contest in Spain and the Austria Photography Contest.

The photographs featured in Wild Moments have been selected thanks to their stunning technical quality, inspiring subjects and artistic direction. Each of the photographs elevates its animal subject either by abstracting its form or by highlighting its personality.

Majed Al Zaabi and Mohammed Khorshed employ the former technique, whereby the design of each animal is framed to a beautiful tee.The stripes of the zebra are taken to a new dimension, appearing as an organic geometric pattern in nature. The bird and the fox too, are brought into a new light when photographed against white snow – the piercing shape of the eyes, the elegant pointedness of the beak – standing out with clear grace.

Maytham Al Misri and Mohammed AlKandari present their animal subjects with an astute eye for their quirkiness and individuality. In each bird photograph we are struck by a suspended moment in time –the flick of water captured mid-air as a fish is caught, the entrancing array of feathers when a bird displays its plumage – each frame provides a fresh, unexpected image to its viewer. The wild cats also displayed in the Wild Moments series are presented in such a way that their facial expressions are almost human, communicating a proud, stoic existence in a changing world.

Alzaabi is a Kuwaiti photographer who has received international recognition for the quality of his work. Some of the prestigious awards include fourth place in the National Geographic World competition and the Planet Earth competition in Mexico.
He actively offers lectures and training courses on the subject of photography, locally and throughout the Arab region, as well as using YouTube and the internet to further his teachings. He has participated in many exhibitions, presented two publications in the field of photography, and has been a judge in local, Arab and international competitions. He is a member of the American Photographers Association, and the World Federation of Photographers who recently worked to document charity work in Africa.

Alkandari is a wildlife photographer and an admirer of the natural and wild life in Africa. He has won numerous photography awards in several countries, most notably in the nature category of the National Geographic Photography contest in 2015. His work has been shortlisted in many international contests such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Sony Photography Award.
He has held a number of exhibitions and has given many lectures and training courses on the art of photography. He also has participated as a jury member in many local and international photography competitions as well as contributing to the establishment of the Kuwait Grand Photography Contest.

Khorshed is a wildlife photographer specialising in birds and is a member of the Society for the Protection of the Environment. His love for nature and wild birds lead him to photography, a medium he’s been using since 2007. He is mainly self taught and has developed his skills following the guidance and teachings of professionals in the field of wildlife photography.
He has won a number of awards in local, Arab and international photography competitions, including first place in the Kuwait Grand Photography Competition, the Al Thani Competition and was selected as one of the top 50 wildlife photos for BBC Wildlife Photographer 2014. He received an honorary medal in the National Wild Life Festival and was awarded the Order of Honour at the Maria Luis Competition in Spain.
Khorshed travels regularly to countries around the world to photograph wildlife in Finland, South Africa, Bulgaria and Hungary, and regularly conducts training courses and photography workshops.

Almisri has a Bachelor degree in Political Science from Kuwait University and works in the Ministry of Information. His interest in photography started in 2004 and has since then participated in many photography exhibitions and competitions.
He has been presented with more than 34 awards regionally and internationally, including KUNA, first place in the Sheikh Salem Al Ali competition and gold medals in the 2011 Austria International Competition and a bronze medal at the Luxembourg Biennale 2013. He has received an AFCC gold medal in Finland 2013, third place at the worldwide Al Thani award 2013 as well as honorary trophies and medals from international competitions in Singapore, Egypt and the UAE.

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