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June 4, 2014

Group Performance


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Resulting from two months of extensive research, workshops, coaching and practicing performances. In this one night event 9 Kuwait based Artists will be navigating and interacting with the audience in a group formation to showcase their individual performances under the title of Per | Form. The project is a performative voyage into the individual search for an unfound distant reality. The event is the final result of the performance production program designed and directed by Mo Reda and offered by Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait and is being executed for the first time in The Gulf. In this Program artists were mentored conceptually and practically in producing performances, acts, and public interventions as part of the program.

Participating Artists: Amani AlThuwaini, Amira Behbehani, Antonio Da Silva, Bassem Mansour, Dana Aljouder, Deena Qabazard, Farah S. Haider, Judy-Ann Moule, Shemej Kumar, Vachan Sharma

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