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October 3- November 5, 2017


Four Seasons

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Born in Kuwait, Issa Halloum is a Lebanese painter who draws his inspiration from the rural Bekaa region in Lebanon. Nature in this area is abundant, and the light that radiates from the green fields and vivid yellow meadows is reflected in Halloum’s paintings.

Halloum paints directly from nature, an experience that engages all the senses. From afar each canvas emits a tranquil feeling, with a captivating allure that encourages closer exploration. His compositions are rich, harmonic and framed in a way that appears as if the image extends beyond the canvas. The colours and tones Halloum uses are vibrant yet soft and balanced. The same is true of his technique, expressive and energetic but at the same time precise and humble. Paint is generously applied and worked to create texture, depth and a tangible feel. Every brushstroke is visible and carries with it a weight, a purpose, and a feeling.

The artist’s need to represent reality is seen in all his paintings and the delicate approach of his subjects demonstrates his affection to what he paints. The scenes he depicts provide us with an insight to his surroundings: intimate settings that take place indoors to expansive and rich landscapes that dominate the region. His work is engulfed with a nostalgic air, yet with a lightness that grounds you in the simple beauty of the present.

Issa Halloum is a Lebanese painter, born in 1968 in Kuwait. He graduated from the National Institute of Fine Art in Lebanon in 1993 and the Academia di Bera in Milan in 1999. He has exhibited extensively throughout Lebanon as well as Syria, UAE and Italy. His paintings are part of local and international private collections.

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