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March 15 - April 5, 2017


Road to Black

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It all started a generation ago when she held on and in her all the colors.

Colors provoked thoughts you know, how rude of them.

Her fertile green shamed our barren land,
Green no more!

Passionate red woke up our sleeping ghouls,
Off with the red!

Dreamy blue robbed us some precious sleep,
Drown it!

Till we dug an abyss of no color around her, our faces meshed into a wall.

Little they knew she held some in her, colored crystals really.

She peeks through them, searching for the rose, the ocean and the meadow.

The red crystals used the least, scared of waking some ghouls, they kept telling her.

Today we are inviting you to witness the unfolding of this road, which ends in a sneak preview of this abyss.

P.S. It is not a mirror or some special effect, the person in front of you , is YOU.

Born in Baabda 1988, Jad El Khoury is an artist and interior architect living and working in Lebanon.
Through the medium of pen and ink, and a desire of lines and colors, Jad El Khoury gave birth to the – Potato Nose – An art creation of fictive characters floating freely throughout a composition and reflecting family, friends and surrounding as well as extending to people and places that he experienced during his travels, dreams and nightmares.

Latest work was a series of art attacks on war damaged buildings in Beirut, as part of “WAR PEACE” project.
About “War Peace”: Even after more than 25 years to the end of the civil war in Lebanon, you can still encounter war traces on many buildings. “I didn’t live the brutality of war, but these chaotic battle traces give me an idea of the barbarity that took place in my beloved city Beirut. For the old generation who witnessed this barbarism it’s time to move on at the same time for those who don’t know what is to be living in a wartime the traces should be preserved to give them an image of the craziness of the situation” War peace project sheds he light on the bullets and missiles traces while adding funny characters that deliver joy instead of bad memories. It’s time to move on and celebrate life and peace. His artwork has been exhibited throughout many magazines (National Post Canada – Republica – Design boom) and art exhibitions (Beirut Art Fair – Villa Audi – Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery – 21,39 Jeddah – FA Gallery Kuwait…)

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