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January 15, 2012



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Jafar Islah was born in 1946 in Kuwait and has most recently lived in Turkey and India. He is widely well-known for his drawing and painting although he engages with the world around him via a number of mediums, including large- scale sculpture and tapestry, and even designed a series of stamps commemorating Kuwait’s national independence in 1991.

Jafar Islah’s developed worldview, humble demeanor, and spiritual understanding of life allows him to depict complex and controversial subject matters with a stunning if not surreal clarity. Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait (CAP) is proud to partner with this seminal artist in demonstrating the importance of his life and work.

In this art retrospective CAP narrates the career of Jafar Islah, a cornerstone of the Kuwait art movement. The exhibition includes autobiographic materials, 25 never-before seen drawings and 35 paintings from the collections of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development among others.
Jafar Islah has previously exhibited his seminal sculpture and art work in Jakarta, Bali, Seville, Florence, Kuwait and Cairo

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