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March 19 - April 8, 2019


I Read, I Write

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This exhibition features a selection of photographs from her series of works which tell stories of women across Arab countries who changed their lives through education.

“As an Arab female photographer, I have always found ample inspiration for my projects in personal experiences. The passion I developed for knowledge, which allowed me to break barriers towards a better life was the motivation for my project I Read I Write.

Pushed by my own experience, as I was not allowed initially to pursue my higher education, I decided to explore and document stories of other women who changed their lives through education, while exposing and questioning the barriers they face. I covered a range of topics that concern women’s education, keeping in mind the differences among Arab countries due to economic and social factors. These issues include female illiteracy, which is quite high in the region; difficulties or interruptions in access to school and/ or higher education, curricula devoid of real learning, low political awareness and activism, scarcity of jobs for highly- educated women, and wars and internal strife

I have always sought out a collaborative approach with the women I photographed. I wanted them to actively participate in the experience, in a way that can be reflected in the final photograph. Their candid, hand-written words, complementing their images, were the perfect way to illustrate their involvement and to display their achievements.

Their own personal seal. “

Laura Boushnak is a Kuwaiti-born Palestinian photographer whose work focuses on women, literacy and education reforms in the Arab word. A 2014 TED Global Fellow, she is also a co-founder of RAWIYA, the first photographic collective to emerge from the Middle East featuring a groundbreaking group of photographers.

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