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November 15, 2022


Song of Serendipity

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Hijazi’s work touches upon themes of perfectionism and the techniques used by pointillism artists. She uses pointillism as a style to convey her objects as multi-dimensional, creating 3D spheres using gradient shading with the use of dots. She includes blue as a recurrent backdrop throughout her work… depicting what she has called “a sea of tranquility”. The body of work conveys a sense of introspection, which blue forthrightly symbolizes in art as well as theory. However, the sea may not be as tranquil as outwardly expressed. We witness a lot of restless, yet poetic and rhythmic movement from the figures Hijazi paints; with not one of the figures repeating a pose. Each figure appears to be engaged in a dance across the canvas. Having said that the figures pose never repeat, the landscape lends itself to the idea as well as appearance of repetition. The figures, shapes and the dots are painted with painstaking concentration; with Hijazi always sitting very near to the canvas when painting. Hijazi replicates, and does not repeat, each figure and object over and over until the canvas is filled. This creates a crowded and beautifully detailed landscape. The spheres made up of dots appear to be floating in the paintings, like planets. The “planets” contain a multitude of dots and may convey consciousness or domes that contain a million thoughts, memories, ideas or ideals. Floating brightly against the blue, peacefully disrupting the blue.

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