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March 8, 2017


Appointment with Metal

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I live my life with my emotions. Since the beginning, I received some signals from my mind and my soul, showing me I cannot live my life like the others do. I have always strived to make changes, to change the nature of a situation, finding the real pleasure in making what I want, instead of using what the others have made.
Even now, I cannot be indifferent to the things I see. Trying to make the most ideal model in every situation is my habit. In another word, thinking about life, anytime and anywhere, is an integral part of my life. With a busy mind, like mine, even sleeping is a challenge. To deal with this situation, I had two choices, to do something or to resort to my loneliness. I came to believe that our struggle to hide ourselves in the abilities of others and generally to match our life with what is accepted by others is the starting point for all damages.
I loved the life, but I found myself a wounded bird, searching for a cure. I have always tried to make my own world, while doing what I like. Gradually, I gravitated toward art, and tried to understand the real function of art and its relation with the world around. I have always tried to impress my audiences, and to find a way to enjoy fresh air. For me, my works smell like newborn baby, like mother’s milk. I want to inspire my audiences, using my works as signs of happiness and pure life, available to all. If I create a bird, it can fly on the seventh heaven. If I create an instrumentalist, it can play the happiest song for a lifetime. And If I create a flower, it smells like heaven, for friendship and peace. My works are simply an interpretation of my life.

Navid Joobchiha , born in 1961 in Tehran is a self-taught artist, who currently resides in Tehran. Since his youth, he tended to loneliness in family and society. As time went on, this tendency to be alone and his focus on his mental world and its outputs and also analysis of inputs and concept formation extended to all aspects of his life. This procedure continued by personal endeavors and non-academic studies in literature, philosophy and art. His artworks show his attitude toward natural phenomena and human issues. He intends to express his mental subjects, while ignoring conventional forms of expression. His works are the results of his inner connections with subjects, they are unrepeatable, and not material-dependent. They are unrepeatable because artist exactly considers his mental image while creating those works and he believes that any change in size or form may change the nature of work. He believes that art means changing intangible to tangible in order to complete the human knowledge puzzle about the way of living and to make a balance with human and other creature’s life in line with peace and friendship. Having a new approach to art and using unique materials, his works are inspired by Iranian art history. During last years, he had many exhibitions including solo and group exhibitions bringing him new audiences.
The list of some of these exhibitions is as follows:-
Exhibition of Works at Art Gallery of Razi Cultural Center, 2006
Exhibition of Works at Art Gallery of Bahman Cultural Center, 2007
Exhibition of Works at Mellal Cultural Center, Arasbaran Cultural Center and
Andisheh Cultural Center, during 2012
Exhibition of Works at Iranian Artists Forum, 2013

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