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November 15, 2022


The Passage

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The spaces that surround us tell our stories and what surrounds us tells how
developed or underdeveloped we are. As much as humanity evolves, space
evolves by time too. A culture shapes in its way, borrowing from the past,
developing an individual style, then passing on to a new age. With “The
Passage”, I showcase the state of transformation which I have witnessed in the
last decade, where Kuwait’s architecture has appraised achievements and
accomplished to embrace a new cultural identity.

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand” – Ansel Adams

From a very young age, Rouzan Seropian has shown immense interest in the field
of photography, as her father was a photographer himself, and has played a key
role in her life to get acquainted with different photographic equipment and photo
Her prior academic and work experience has been in interior design and
architecture solely. She has graduated with a BA degree in Interior Design, but at
the same time, the camera has always been her regular companion. She has
continuously grabbed every opportunity in advancing her in-depth talent by
capturing unique and instantaneous moments through her lens. In February 2020,
with the encouragement of her husband, she embarked on a new academic
journey and started studying for an MA in Photography at the Academy of Art
University, San Francisco, and received her MA degree in June 2022.
Rouzan has lived in Kuwait for the last 15 years with her husband and two
When she is not photographing, she takes a step back to explore the city and
observe all the unique details of the new high-rise architecture in the city which
contain a mélange of modern and a touch of Islamic architecture.

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