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April 25 - May 30, 2018

Ramon Aular


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Ramón Aular, born in Venezuela, has developed his artistic career between the United States, his place of residence, Europe and, in the last years, an important presence in Lebanon.
His compositions, with a predominant use of gold, are a metaphor of life. His surroundings, his desires, are a reflection of that indissoluble bond between his roots and what surround him. The use of color takes us to places of dreams, where everything is possible.
On the other hand, the work of embroidery, with these tiny, organic seams, is the representation of moments lived or in full process. Some open, closed or healing, as the artist himself points out.
His paintings are more than simple compositions or use of color, they have a spiritual connection. Its colors, its harmony, its brilliance and its greatness go beyond the fabric, they are connections between the artist and the spectator.
His works are the intimacy of the moment of creation, and the vision of the paths to follow. All are part of that divine creation that is what leads you to create and represent your idea of life.
When we see his work we also understand his soul, the love that transpires through each piece, in short, we see him ... as a soul mate.

Ramón Aular Del Valle, was born in Valencia, Venezuela in 1979. Art has been his passion beginning at an early age where he was introduced to the work of Salvador Dalí and Oswaldo Guayasamin. His parents collected the work of both artists, Ramón was inspired by their colors, details, and dimensions. Ramón received a Visual Arts degree from the University of Cristóbal Rojas in Caracas, Venezuela and also a degree in Graphic Design degree from the Venezuelan Institute of Design. 11 years ago, Ramón moved to Miami and began working directly with world-renowned Artist Romero Britto. Ramón traveled the world and collaborated with Britto to create various projects including the 2007 installation in London's Hyde Park. Ramón also collaborated with world-renowned artist Jeff Koons in NYC and Mr. Brainwash during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2010 and 2011. As of recent Ramón opened his own studio in the artistic enclave known as Wynwood, in Miami. Here he produces what he loves the most, ART and he always welcomes visitors to experience his work. Ramón considers the role of an artist to be a speaker to the world with colors and drawings that transmit a wide range of emotions.

“ Considero el rol de un artista de hablarle al mundo con colores y dibujos que transmitan el cambio y el progreso de emociones.”

He serves as benefactor donating time, art and resources to organizations such as St. Jude, Best buddies and Aid for Aids.

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