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Decmeber 14th, 2021


The Spirit of Ceramics

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The potter, Saad Hamdan(1963, Kuwait)
Qualifications: bachelor degree - higher institute. 1986

He was assigned as an assistant teacher at the higher institute. Then immediately moved to give martial music classes in military.
In 2008, he retired from military as a colonel then worked again in the field of music composition for many television projects. Eventually, He proceeded to work in a business career for eighteen years.

Saad decided to leave his job behind and fully focus on pottery after being influenced by the beauty of the craft alongside the nature of working with the substances of pottery. He meant to visit every place in the Middle East where pottery is practiced, meeting many different artists like Mohammad Shanyoor and a variety of masters who heavily profession in pottery.
The knowledge he gained from his journey reflected on his works. Not only improving his skills but also pushing him to seek for revival, uniqueness and restoration of ancient Islamic pottery.

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