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October 12th, 2021

Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition

Face to Face II

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10 years ago, The Contemporary Art Platform opened its doors to the public; a large step for the arts and culture scene in Kuwait. To commemorate this milestone, CAP has reimagined it’s very first exhibition.

Face to Face II showcases a selection of figure and portrait artworks loaned from some of Kuwait’s most prominent art collectors; a country where art collectors have big stock in the contemporary art marketplace, obtaining important, iconic pieces with high value and artistic merit.

Organized in a timeline that connects the periods and styles, we start with an iconic Picasso which builds upon the other styles of Middle Eastern and other renowned international artists such as Banksy and Yayoi Kusama. Drawing from Kuwait’s vast collection of artworks, this exhibition explores and thinks critically about how artists have chosen to capture humanity throughout time.

Visitors come face to face with themselves, requited art lovers and the 10 year milestone that the Contemporary Art Platform has reached through its exhibitions, cultural programs and dedication to art in the region.

Exhibition artworks from:
- Sheikha Paula Sabah Collection
- Al Sharekh Collection
- Farida Sultan Collection
- AbdelMohsen Al Homaizi Collection
- Amira Behbehani Collection
- Sami Mohammed
- Dar Nur
- Khaled Al AbdulMughni Collection
- Fatina Al Sayed Collection
- Boushahri Gallery Collection
- Marzooq Al Marzooq Collection
- Haitham Al Nisf Collection

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