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March 12, 2014

Group Exhibition

Keep Your Eye on the Wall

Curatorial team: Masasam. Mónica Santos & Sandra Maunac

Project conceived by : Olivia Snaije & Mitchell Albert

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A little over ten years ago, the Israeli state began erecting the Separation Wall. Since then, the lives of Palestinians has further deteriorated: international law has been violated, and free movement has been refused to the entire population, intensifying suspicion, hatred and bitterness between Israelis and Palestinians, who were already profoundly isolated from one another.

It is therefore urgent to ‘keep an eye on the wall’. In this exhibition, five photographers look at the wall in unexpected ways. Their views decipher the wall, circumvent it; even shift it, imparting it with another presence in order to resist it. We are convinced that aesthetic subjectivity can lead to new forms of political action.

Taysir Batniji, Rula Halawani, Raeda Saadeh, Steve Sabella, and Kai Wiedenhöfer visually interpret the wall in its complexity and its violence, real and symbolic. With acuity of vision, their multiple viewpoints, which transcend the wall’s simple physical presence, question the economic, geographical, social and cultural consequences of the wall. Whether they are exploring the layers and textures of a wall in Gaza, closed gates around Jerusalem or a using the wall in a dream-like setting, the photographers open a space here for debate.

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