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January 10 - January 25, 2018

Group Exhibition



In collaboration with Creative Dialogue and BD Barcelona

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A design initiative that merges design, heritage and innovation to present contemporary and high-quality design inspired by the local culture and artisan skills bringing together designers, artists and galleries alongside renowned design brands.

A leading businesswoman from Sharjah, United Aran Emirates. She is also the founder of Designed by Hind, which focuses on producing collections of bespoke crockery and has become one of the UAE’s leading brands of porcelain.

Abdulrahman and Turki Gazzaz are young architects from Jeddah. They boast an innovative approach to design through their sensitive weaving of historic and contemporary references.

A multidisciplinary designer based in Doha, Qatar. Her designs are an expression of a local designer towards the fast developing Qatar. Her work incorporates old experiences and behaviours with contemporary design in objects used within the house to maintain the feeling of being at home.

An architect based in Manama, Maysam is fascinated by the dialogue between space and culture. In 2012 she founded her design studio 1:1 , dedicated to conceptual architecture, interior and furniture design, and has since been interested in Art, Architecture and the space in-between.

Interior designer and founder of design studio INTERIA. Originality is portrayed in unique pieces of furniture and accessories she creates for special clients during projects. This has inspired her to start her own line of limited edition furniture and accessories.

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