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February 16, 2014

Group Exhibition

Stitching Cyborgs

Curated by Rima Chahrour and Abed Al Kadiri

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“Stitching Cyborgs” is a set of meditations on the complex inter-relationships between the organic and the technological, the traditional and the new and the social and the fictional. Starting from the conceptual category of the cyborg as a genderless posthuman, this show aims to relocate the role of contemporary women within a blurred position between being natural traditional creators with the ability to biologically give birth and on the other hand, being inventors of hybrid creatures inflected by technology. The process of creation examines the formation of an invented cultural identity through re-imagining the traditional assumed one. “Stitching Cyborgs” explores the intermingling dimensions of knowledge, identity, technology and tradition, seeking to find a location for women within these contradictory yet overlapping worlds.

The exhibiting artists in this show provoke questions about the broader implications constituting contemporary women originating from the region referred to as the Arab. The aim of the show is not to engage in a discourse on the politics of gender rotating loudly through this area of the world; but rather this exhibition is interested in exploring the richness of the possibilities of creation itself. Meanwhile creation is immersed in the tensions between the sublime and the ordinary, the fine arts and the crafts. Yet, the female artists in this show are presenting the variations and disquieting relationships between technology and nature, space and perception, identity and image. Positioning the female as a conceptual entity of and for creation, the five Arab artists seek to reimagine and reinvent the traces of what it is to be a creator belonging to this part of the world; where religions and their prophets surfaced.

Artists: Aya Haidar, Deena Qabazard, Emma Harake, Rima Chahrour and Zeina Hamady

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