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September 21, 2016



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Who are we? What is our past? What does the future hold for us?
It was with those questions in mind that in 2010 Quentin Carnaille began his first series of works that was to occupy him until 2015.

Focused on the notion of time, he frees the gears from their mechanical arrangement by giving them a new poetic aesthetics thus inviting Man to emancipation.
Both abstract and figurative, his works are intended as a singular creation, in terms of form and scope.

This series, made entirely of pieces of clockwork and magnets, celebrates the idea of time; an unalterable time over which matter transforms itself.

The constant presence of magnets gives his work an invisible force and a universal attraction.
Quentin Carnaille talks to us about the relativity of time in the Space age with his “zero-gravity” and abstract sculptures, and the time of Man with his figurative representations.

All his sculptures are marked by a profound desire to produce original pieces and to reinterpret certain iconic works in the History of Art.

With this series, he expresses an intimate rhythm, a personal vision and a universal questioning purposefully addressed to the future.

“Time only has meaning with the evolution of matter, which never ceases to change in form and organization. Man is an extraordinary catalyst of that transformation, a true agent of the metamorphosis of matter.”

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