28th April 28 – May 31, 2018


Form: Perspectives in Kuwaiti Art

Form: Perspectives in Kuwaiti Art aims to exhibit a group of modern Kuwaiti artists to explore both formal and conceptual representations of the human form. Through a variety of techniques and mediums, the artists reflect themes of beauty, identity, tradition and contemporary society.

Khazaal Al Qassaf’s sculptures typically explore the female form, usually fluid-like, reflecting scenes of everyday life and its environment. Animals were also the subjects of his work. Together, his sculptures examine notions of identity and culture, portraying traditional practices with a modern approach.

Mohammad Al Shaibani paints a fantasy world that often includes whimsical interpretations of the human figure. Through deep symbolism, his paintings translate the visual language of Surrealism as social commentary.

Adel Al-Khalaf’s paintings, mainly abstract expressionistic in style, use a blend of colors and textures to embody abstract forms. He also creates small multi-layered collages with colorful compositions.

Form: Perspectives in Kuwaiti Art also aims to provide an opportunity for young audiences to discover the works and practices of pioneering Kuwaiti artists.

منحوتات الفنان خزعل القصاف تستكشف الشكل الأنثوي و تعكس مشاهد الحياة اليومية وبيئتها، و أحياناً كانت الحيوانات موضوعا لعمله. عموماً تمثّل تماثيله مفاهيم الهوية والثقافة و تصوّر الممارسات التقليدية بأسلوب حديث.

يرسم الفنان محمد الشيباني عالمًا خياليًا غالبًا يتضمن تفسيرات غريبة للشخصية البشرية. و من خلال الرموز العميقة تترجم اللغة السريالية في لوحاته كتعليق اجتماعي.

تستخدم لوحات الفنان عادل الخلف التعبيرية مزيجًا من الألوان و الملامس لتجسيد الأشكال المجردة . كما أنه أنتج ملصقات صغيرة متعددة الطبقات تعبر عن مواضيع حديثة.

يهدف هذا المعرض أيضاً إلى إتاحة الفرصة لمختلف الجماهير لإستكشاف أعمال وممارسات الفنانين الكويتيين الرائدين.




Born in 1953, Mohammed Al Shaibani is a pioneering Surrealist artist who critiqued elements of development of the Gulf. His peers include Abdullah Al Qassar and Sami Mohammed.
Al-Shaibani’s work has been exhibited both locally and internationally, and has received many awards and nominations for his work.

Born in 1958, Adel Al Khalaf is a self-taught Kuwaiti artist who received artistic training by his late uncle renowned Kuwaiti artist Issa Saqer. Al Khalaf is considered an abstract expressionist artist and has exhibited both
locally and internationally. He is also the founding member of the Kuwait collective of the Al Maken D’Art Actuel, a nomadic Tunisian art residency.

Khazaal Al Qaffas is a renowned Kuwaiti artist and sculptor born in 1944. He is considered to be a pioneering artist from the first generation of Kuwaiti artists and painters who paved the way for the country’s art movement.
He is largely known for his figurative wood and bronze sculptures, and has been exhibited locally and internationally. Al-Qaffas is the honorary guest artist of this exhibition.

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