A design initiative that merges design, heritage and innovation to present contemporary and high-quality design inspired by the local culture and artisan skills bringing together designers, artists and galleries alongside renowned design brands.

Creative Dialogue presents PostCraft Exhibition and Talks in Kuwait, a panel discussion and a design exhibition with limited edition special works of 5 designers from the GCC under the concept of the Post-Oil creative era. Curated by Samer Yamani and produced by leading Spanish design brand BD Barcelona Design, this exhibition also includes works by Jaime Hayon, Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi. PostCraft is supported by art and design establishments from Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

GCC Designers

Loulwa Al Radwan – KWT
Shaikha Hind Al Qasimi – UAE
Gazzaz Brothers – KSA
Aisha Al Sowaidi – QAT
Maysam Al Nasser – BAH

The Post-Oil era, Designed in the Gulf and produced in Barcelona
Politicians and economists in the GCC are turning their attention to shaping a Post-Oil era, through strengthening local resources, technology, and building infrastructures to assure economic diversification and better shifting towards the Creative Economy.

Creators have an opportunity to lead an evolution of local creativity, representing a major cultural, economical and social shift in the GCC region distinguished by its local identity and cultural resources. 

Local designers are getting more visibility and gaining recognition, whilst the demand for high quality local design is increasing, production methods are, however, still competing with established international brands and standards. 

PostCraft is an attempt to highlight the design talent of the Gulf region, it will act as a platform to expose their work to the international market with remarkable design collection that is inspired by local culture representing the Post-Oil era.

PostCraft will tour from Barcelona to London, Dubai, Manama, Kuwait and Jeddah

PostCraft’s official launch took place at BD Barcelona Design Showroom in London last October 2017.

In partnership with The Odd Piece in Dubai, Alriwaq Art Space in Bahrain, CAP- Contemporary Art Platform in Kuwait and the Athar Gallery in Jeddah, the PostCraft Collection exhibition will be touring throughout the Gulf region in 2017/2018, visiting Dubai Design Week, The Nest in Manama during 2017 and Kuwait and 39.21 Art Fair in Jeddah 2018.

The touring exhibition will act as a platform to highlight the role that local designers play in the economic shift creating a diverse, varied and sustainable design industry in the Post-Oil creative era in the GCC.

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BD – Barcelona Design:

BD, where “Design meets Art”, is an atypical design company brought to life in 1972. Its founders (and still owners) came from an architectural background rather than a business one, resulting in a distinct orientation towards design based on the aesthetics of beauty, rather than simple functionality.

Their designs consistently prioritise artisanal processes over mass production, showing a closer proximity to art than industrial design. BD’s work is characterised by superior quality, short-series productions (and on occasion limited editions), and uniquely crafted pieces.

In the 80’s, BD was responsible for curating the furniture of Gaudí’s famous buildings,

and in the early 90’s, they introduced an exclusive first collection of furniture and lamps designed by Salvador Dalí. Recent collections feature designers with accentuated artistic profiles, such as Jaime Hayon and Doshi Levien, who continue to address the point where design and art meet.




Creative Dialogue

Creative Dialogue, an agency based in Barcelona which aims to cultivate cross-cultural understanding and multidisciplinary innovation through a variety of art, culture and design focused programs and platforms around the world.

Sharing skills and highlighting talent through international events and exhibitions, research and consultancy services, as well as professional acceleration programs – Creative Dialogue puts local creatives on the global stage, and has reached more than 25 cities in the Middle East, North Africa, South Caucasus, EU and Latin America.


Samer Yamani

Founder of Creative Dialogue

Curator of Post Craft

Coming form design background and experience, Samer was responsible for designing, curating and implementing exhibitions, educational programs, seminars and talks, research, publications and consultancy services related to the creative industries in general and Design in particular, throughout Europe, Latin America, South Caucasus and the MENA region.



Interior designer and founder of design studio INTERIA. Originality is portrayed in unique pieces of furniture and accessories she creates for special clients during projects. This has inspired her to start her own line of limited edition furniture and accessories.


An architect based in Manama, Maysam is fascinated by the dialogue between space and culture. In 2012 she founded her design studio 1:1 , dedicated to conceptual architecture, interior and furniture design, and has since been interested in Art, Architecture and the space in-between.

A multidisciplinary designer based in Doha, Qatar. Her designs are an expression of a local designer towards the fast developing Qatar. Her work incorporates old experiences and behaviours with contemporary design in objects used within the house to maintain the feeling of being at home.

Abdulrahman and Turki Gazzaz are young architects from Jeddah. They boast an innovative approach to design through their sensitive weaving of historic and contemporary references.

A leading businesswoman from Sharjah, United Aran Emirates. She is also the founder of Designed by Hind, which focuses on producing collections of bespoke crockery and has become one of the UAE’s leading brands of porcelain.

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