The exhibition brings together the work of seven artists from Iran working in different media.
The title of the exhibition is a scientific term used to describe involuntary memories experienced in everyday mental functioning, comprising the most common occurrences. They are characterized by their element of surprise, as they appear to come into conscious awareness spontaneously. They are the products of common every-day experiences involving our senses of sight, hearing, touch and taste; one experience using that sense brings to mind a past experience of that sense.
Memories of shame, grief, melancholy and a passion to retaliate are poignantly presented in the paintings of Shohreh Mehran portraying Individuals covering their faces to hide their identities; the hundreds of pins pressed in and around photographs of the artist’s mother after she succumbed to her illness in the appropriated photographic works of Peyman Hooshmandzadeh; and Shahrzad Changalvaee’s re photographed collages and appropriated images of unrest combined with the experience and act of speech.
The unfinished structures of Homa Abdollahi which infuses her urban landscapes with the nostalgia of rapidly changing cities lacking in history and heritage are further examined in details of the city too insignificant to be dealt with in Ali Meer-Azimi’s whispering sketches of remnants of a city left behind by the same city which is too busy destroying and rebuilding itself. This continuous reconstruction in an effort to erase a past too painful to remember is also evident in the collages of Peyman Shafieezadeh and Reza Moradi.


1986 Tehran, Iran
2014 MA, Painting, Alzahra, Tehran, Iran
2011 BA, Painting, Shahed Art University, Tehran, Iran
Solo Exhibition
2016 Static, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 Research Expo, Members Under 40, Society of Iranian Painters, Iranian Artists’ Forum,
Tehran, Iran
2015 Pars Online Festival, Aas Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Society of Iranian Painters, Iranian Artists’ Forum,Tehran, Iran
2014 Small Paintings, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 Art Center Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 The 7th Montakhab-e Nasl-e No, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 The 7th Montakhab-e Nasl-e No, Ahwaz Contemporary Art Museum, Ahwaz, Iran
2012 Banoo Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011 Shahed Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 2nd Prize, The 6th Fajr International Visual Art Festival, Tehran, Iran
2013 The 6th Youth Visual Art Festival, Tehran, Iran


Kermanshah, Iran 1973
AA Graphic Design – Faculty of Fine Arts University of Tehran
Solo Exhibitions
2011 Assar Art Gallery Tehran, Iran
1992 Faculty of Fine Arts University of Tehran
Selected Group Exhibitions
2012 Toys, Elaheh Art Gallery Tehran, Iran
2006 Illustration, Afrand Gallery Tehran, Iran


Tehran, 1969
Photographer & Writer – B.A. in photography, Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014 Tasyan, Etemad Gallery, Tehran
2008 Silk Road Gallery, Tehran
2007 Mustache, Assar Gallery, Tehran
2004 Café Shouka Regulars, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
1995 In the Last Row, Keyhan Gallery, Tehran
Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 Small Image, Large Reflection: Contemporary Iranian Photography, Ag Galerie, Tehran, Iran
2012 Saw Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
2011 OI Futuro Gallery, Rio de Janiro, Brazil
2011 Dar Al Funoon Gallery, Kuwait
2010 Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2009 Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, Austria
2009 Transit Tehran, Atrium Gallery, London
2009 Asia House Gallery, London
2008 June Gallery, Switzerland


Bachelor of Arts in Painting
Art & Architecture Faculty, Tehran-Iran 2002-2006
Solo Exhibitions
2016 – the Negative posi – tive space,Etemad Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2013 – Notes by a Carbon Paper, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 – burda, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 – EXTENTION.IR: Tehran, Capital in Capital Letters(Curated by Homayoun Askari
Sirizi), Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015-This is just an image(Curated by Lila Nazemian),RedBull house of art, Detroit,USA
2014 – Ja be ja, Azad Gallery and Unpack Studio , Tehran/Toronto, Iran/Canada
2013 – 4th facade video festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2012 – SCOPE Miami, SCOPE Pavilion, Miami, Florida, USA
2011 – OCCUPY ME! (Dedicated to RADIOHEAD), Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2005 – Opening of Art & Architecture Faculty Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2001 – 50th Visual Art Conservatory, Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

1983, Iran Works and lives Between New York and New Haven, USA
2015 MFA, Sculpture, Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT, USA
2006 BA, Graphic Design, College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Solo Exhibitions
2016 Cannot the Same River Twice, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Ksi, Ein and An, A love Story, VSC Gallery at SVA (School of Visual Arts), New York, NY, USA
Group Exhibitions
2015 Video Snack 5, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2014 2nd Year Group Show, Green Hall Gallery, Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT, USA
2013 Shanghai Biennial, Shanghai, China
2012 PERSIA NOW: Contemporary Iranian Art, New Albion Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2011 Magic of Persia Contemporary art prize, Finalists Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2008 Conference of the Birds, exhibition of Iranian contemporary artists, London, UK

Born 1958, Ardebil, Iran
BA Graphic Art, Tehran College of Art, Tehran, Iran
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014 Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 “Defaced”, Etemad Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2007 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2003 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1999 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1993 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Group Exhibitions
2015 First Art Ankara Contemporary Art Fair, Turkey
2011 Sharjah Biennial 10, Sharjah, UAE
2010 Slick10 Paris, France
2001 Signature Gallery, Munster, Germany
2000 The United Nations, New York, USA
1992 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1991 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1989 Tehran International Expo, Tehran, Iran
1988 Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
1985 Goethe Institute, Tehran, Iran

1985 Isfahan, Iran
BA Student of Graphics, Azad University of Tonekabon, Iran
Solo Exhibitions
2015 “Spectacle Appearance Gesture”, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 “The Day to Come”, Matn Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
Group Exhibitions
2014 “Foreword”, Aknoon Gallery, Esfehan, Iran
2014 “Infinity”, Dideh Gallery, Zanjan, Iran
2012 “Stone Mirrors”, Matn Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

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