A complete overview of architecture in fifty-three African cities, seen through the eyes and images of one of the world�s leading young architectsEducated in England, David Adjaye�s lifelong dream was to return to Africa as an architect to document the continent�s built environment. Over a decade, he tirelessly documented these dynamic, colorful cities, photographing thousands of buildings, sites, and public spaces, and letting each building speak for itself. The result was a stunning seven-volume work that has become an essential resource for all those interested in the burgeoning continent.The fifty-three cities featured in this remarkable study are grouped according to the terrain in which they are set: the Maghreb (north Africa); Desert; Sahel (the semi-arid transitional region between the Sahara and the south); Forest; Savannah and Grassland; and Mountain and Highveld. Each metropolis is illuminated by a concise urban history, maps, and satellite imagery, along with the dozens of photographs Adjaye has taken with an architect�s eye. This compact edition selects the highlights from over 4,000 buildings and places captured for the initial seven-volume work. The result is one of the most original, ambitious, and important architectural publications of our time.

Adjaye: Africa: Architecture: Compact Edition

  • Author

    David Adjaye,Peter Allison
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  • Publisher

    Thames & Hudson

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