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Discover the work and life of artist Bernard Boutet de Monvel, a groundbreaking painter of the caf� society who was highly influential to the Art Deco movement. Bernard Boutet de Monvel (1881-1949), painter of sportsmen and dandies, was also an interior designer and iconic illustrator of masculine elegance for publications including Harper�s Bazaar. As early as 1909, he heralded the Art Deco style and became the favored portraitist of the American caf� society. Prominent international millionaires�W. K. Vanderbilt, Lady Mendl, Millicent Rogers, the Maharaja of Indore, and the Astor, Whitney, Frick, and Du Pont dynasties�paraded through his studios in New York and Palm Beach. A key Precisionism artist, he reflected the industrial and urban modernity of America�s machine age in his stunning landscapes. This monograph�the first to be published in English�sheds new light on the artist�s protean work and restores his place at the forefront of the history of French and American art.

Bernard Boutet de Monvel: At the Origins of Art Deco

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    St�phane Jacques Addade
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