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The 2020 paperback release of the critically acclaimed 2018 edition. 'Born Bad is an accessible and lighthearted picture book that cleverly introduces young readers ages 4-9 to issues surrounding identity and transformation through humor and surprising animal facts'. -- The Midwest Book Review “Wolf wasn’t happy being Wolf. When he looked in the mirror he looked BAD. And when he looked bad, he felt bad, and when he felt bad, he acted bad.” Wolf wants to change but he’s not sure how. He goes on a journey, meeting members of the animal kingdom that experience change; a caterpillar, chameleon, salamander and seal, to name a few. With their help he undergoes a magnificent transition... C K Smouha is a children’s author living and working in Bristol. Born Bad was her first book, but she has since authored a number of critically acclaimed books for Cicada.

Born Bad

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