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According to the clich?, California is the place where anything goes and everyone does their own thing. Maybe thats because everyone knows that in California theres no terra firma: earthquakes, mudslides, fires, and the occasional civil uprising cause constant upheaval and change. It is also legendary as fertile ground for creativity, freedom, and social consciousness, where the status quo undergoes constant renovation. This book is the first to capture the enormous body of distinctive and visually ecstatic graphic design that emanated from this great state throughout most of the twentieth century. Edited and designed by graphic designer Louise Sandhaus, this raucous gathering of smart, offbeat, groundbreaking graphic design from the Left Coast will amaze readers with its breadth and richness.

Earthquakes, Mudslides, Fires and Riots

  • Author

    Louise Sandhaus,Denise Gonzales Crisp
  • ISBN

  • Publisher

    Thames & Hudson
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