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The Ch�teau de Versailles�the indisputable birthplace of fashion�continues to inspire glamour and style today.The royal residence of Versailles�this unparalleled seat of power and seduction�is an important influence on contemporary fashion, inspiring passions and vocations. Since the establishment of the world�s first dress codes under the rule of Louis XIV to incite the whims of the queens and royal mistresses, fashion at Versailles has been a constant and inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers, photographers, decorators, and directors and has launched countless fashion revolutions.Courtesan Madame de Montespan launched the �innocente� robe to camouflage pregnancy, Sofia Coppola memorialized Marie-Antoinette in extravagant wigs and pastel hues, and Annie Leibovitz captured Kirsten Dunst in a delicate taffeta-and-chiffon Alexander McQueen gown against the dramatic backdrop of a peristyle at Versailles. Haute couture in the 1950s launched the cinched-waist �neo-trianon� trend. Karl Lagerfeld used the ch�teau�s gardens as the runway for his 2013 cruise collection featuring Versailles-influenced crinoline dresses and brocade jackets.This stunning volume showcases the best of fashion inspired by Versailles, set against the exquisite background of the most spectacular palace in the world.

Fashion and Versailles

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    Laurence Benaim
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