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The Mediterranean diet is renowned for being healthy, and its delicious cuisine, bursting with color and flavor, is acclaimed around the globe. Born in Marseilles, overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, three-star Michelin chef G�rald Pass�dat has always been influenced by the landscape and produce of his region, and he draws inspiration from the abundance of local seafood, sun-ripened vegetables, fragrant herbs, and sumptuous wines. In this volume, the renowned chef presents eighty generous and easy-to-prepare recipes that celebrate fresh ingredients from the south of France. Appetizers include artichokes en barigoule, eggplant with goat cheese, or stuffed shellfish. For the main course, choose from red onion pissaladi�re, Camargue black rice paella, or bouilleabaisse. Desserts range from roasted figs or poached apricots to Menton lemon tart or licorice souffl�. The recipes are accompanied by photographs of Pass�dat's beautifully prepared recipes and are complemented by the picturesque land- and seascapes of the Mediterranean--shady terraces, winding coastlines, and charming alleyways--as well as images of fresh produce and the chef at work in the kitchen.

Flavors from the French Mediterranean

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    Gerald Passedat
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