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In this groundbreaking volume on the use of Islamic geometry in modern and contemporary art from the region, Roxane Zand and Sussan Babaie explore ways in which traditional geometric legacies are applied and interpreted in new contexts. Works by artists Anila Quayyum Agha, Mohamed Kanoo, Lulwah Al Homoud, Gibran Tarazi, Dana Awartani, Susan Hefuna, Monir Farman Farmaian, Mahmoud Sabri, Nasreen Mohamedi, Zeinab Al Hashemi, Mouteea Murad, Ajlan Gharem, Ahmad Angawi, Ibtisam Abdulaziz, Aljoud Loutah, Timo Nasseri, Samir Sayegh, Mehdi Moutashar, Philip Taaffe, Sahand Hessamiyan, Nargess Hashemi, Naqsh collective and Ahmed Mater are included.

Geometry and Art

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