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Two Michelin�starred chef Jean-Fran�ois Pi�ge divulges more than 300 recipes from his exceptional restaurant, with suggestions for combining key ingredients into inventive menus. Visitors to award-winning chef Jean-Fran�ois Pi�ge�s gastronomic restaurant�the most sought-after table in Paris�select single key ingredients from his innovative menu, which he transforms into exquisite and highly creative dishes. This approach provided the inspiration for this master-level cookbook, in which Pi�ge presents more than 300 building-block recipes that can be combined in countless variations, inspiring the creative chef to compose original menus. Recipes include white asparagus with smoked salmon and horseradish cream, peanut crisp with aniseed garnish, line-caught pollack, black truffle scallops, spaghetti carbonara (in which the proportions of bacon and pasta are inverted), beef or chicken with morel sauce, bergamot custard, or cherry tarte tatin. Featuring a cloth binding, three paper stocks, five-color printing, and a detailed index, this lavish book from France�s culinary sensation Jean-Fran�ois Pi�ge is a perfect gift for professional and aspiring home cooks, as well as French culinary aficionados.

Jean-Francois Piege

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    Jean-Francois Piege
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