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The Pioneer of Viennese Modernism Discover the groundbreaking structures of Otto Wagner Otto Wagner (1841�1918) is one of the most significant figures of turn-of-the-century architecture. He was associated with the Viennese Secession, a group of artists and designers headed by Gustav Klimt that initiated a departure from the conservative style of the Viennese K�nstlerhaus. Wagner�s visionary approach, described as structural rationalism, pioneered the use of materials such as glass, steel, and especially aluminum to redefine Viennese structural identity. From the imposing Austrian Postal Savings Bank to the scintillating St. Leopold Church at Steinhof, one of the most important Art Nouveau churches in the world: Discover the breadth of Wagner�s career as well as the political, economic, and social dynamics of his time. This incisive overview features a map locating all of the architect�s most renowned projects and recent, fresh photography from masters like Keiichi Tahara.�Something impractical cannot be beautiful.� � Otto Wagner 

Otto Wagner

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    August Sarnitz

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