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A visual exploration of the architect's creative process in a statement-making, oversized format. Limited to 750 editions, each one individually signed and number by Peter Marino, The Luxury Edition features a silk-screened acetate jacket and shiny metallic case with black gilded edges in an oversized format. Dubbed 'The Leather Daddy of Luxury' by New York Magazine, Peter Marino is the go-to architect for the highest echelons of luxury design worldwide, perhaps best known for his work on luxury brand spaces, including for Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton, in cities including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Munich, Singapore and Tokyo.This is the first book to look at the collaborative process by which Marino has commissioned site-specific works to live within his designs for luxury retail spaces from artists including Richard Deacon, Vik Muniz, Vanessa Beecroft, James Turrell, Not Vital, and Jean-Michel Othoniel. Marino's commissions explore the relationship between art and architecture. The process of these collaborations is documented here through personal anecdotes, notes, diaristic photographs and sketches, culminating in beautifully photographed images of the final work in situ.Each chapter is dedicated to a single collaboration, following it chronologically through its developmental journey, with Marino giving his perspective on unifying themes, and the cross-pollination of the art and architecture.Marino provides a narrative voice and vision ? a knowledgeable guide to the creative world he inhabits.

Peter Marino (The Luxury Edition)

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    Brad Goldfarb
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