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Shapes of Things to Come Jean Prouv#65533;'s economical elegance French-born Jean Prouv#65533; (1901-1984) was the 20th century's leading construction designer, a self-declared "constructeur" and member of the jury who oversaw the design of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. As a designer, he captured the midcentury spirit of innovation, expansion, and growth, developing techniques that united simple, striking aesthetics with practical, cost-effective materials and assembly. From vast, temporary exhibition marquees to handheld letter openers, modular building systems to interior lighting, Prouv#65533;'s designs efficiently fitted their function with minimal fuss and understated elegance. Feted by designers, architects, and engineers the world over, Prouv#65533; has left a rich and inspirational legacy, which resonates perfectly with the approach of this compact volume, neatly summarizing his life and works.


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    Nils Peters
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