Discover the exceptional new creations, destined for eminent clients and collectors, from one of the world's most prestigious jewelers. Devoted to the new high jewelry and precious objects collection created by Cartier, this book celebrates the house's vocation: to sublimate the stones and reveal their personality through unique pieces. Each gem impels the design to follow its own rhythm, and the play of lines and precious materials harmonize with its tempo. Cadence or undulation, staccato or fluidity, frenzy or tranquillity, Cartier's new creations transcribe a dual universe of force and grace. It's a collection rich in colors, themes, and evocations, where excellence is manifest in each piece--from the twinkling of diamonds to the charm of the emerald, geometrically structured compositions to the lifelike bestiary.

Résonances de Cartier

  • Author

    François Chaille
  • ISBN

  • Publisher

    Rizzoli International Publications, Incorporated

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