Hern�n D�az Alonso, one of today's most influential and innovative architects, heads a multidisciplinary design practice, based in Los Angeles, called HDA-X (formerly Xefirotarch). Praised for its work at the intersection of design, animation, interactive environments, and radical architectural explorations, HDA- X combines these disciplines to create plans for sculptures, architectural ventures, and various objects. Featuring plans for the Helsinki Central Library, a Budapest Museum, and major architectural projects in Barcelona, this book is a spectacular survey of D�az Alonso's cutting-edge designs.With an essay by Benjamin H. Bratton and an interview with D�az Alonso, The Surreal Visions of Hern�n D�az Alonso/HDA-X is perfect for architecture students, teachers, and practitioners, as well as anyone with a passion for design.

The Surreal Visions of Hernán Díaz Alonso/HDA-X

  • Author

    Hernán Díaz Alonso

  • ISBN

  • Publisher

    Thames & Hudson

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