The House of Habsburg was one of the wealthiest dynasties in Europe, and many of its members were also great collectors and patrons of the arts. Their love of magnificence is reflected in the quality and diversity of the objects in Viennas Kunstkammer, one of the most important collections of decorative arts in the world. This book features around 150 of the masterpieces from the Habsburg collections, ranging from sublime works of sculpture and fine metalwork to exotic objects fashioned from ostrich eggs, nautilus shells, rhinoceros horns and sharks teeth. Alongside the Saliera, Benvenuto Cellinis famous golden salt cellar, and the High Gothic sculpture known as the Krumau Madonna, are extraordinarily delicate works carved from ivory, gorgeous tapestries and mechanical marvels. The emperors, princes and archdukes who shaped these collections wanted not only to create a sense of wonder in all who gazed upon them but also to symbolize their own dominion over the world. Filled with lavish photographs and fascinating insights, this is a worthy tribute to the Habsburgs and their lasting artistic legacy.

Treasures of the Habsburgs

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    Thames & Hudson

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