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Albert Einstein tried to uncover a new vision of the world and the universe.. He came very close, giving a radically new shape to our understanding of nature and our dreams. His thinking and above all, his personality have continually fascinated scientists, historians, and philosophers: Albert Einstein has often been called the brightest man alive a Megabrain Yet very few people know what he actually discovered, or what kind of man he was.Who was this little man with disheveled hair, this violin virtuoso who sometimes forgot to eat? Combining a captivating biography with photographs and documents, Who Was Albert Einstein? helps us understand the life and work of this uncommon man. A hundred years after Einstein first published his Special Theory of Relativity, Assouline invites the reader to witness the birth of a genius, and to follow him along the path of his many discoveries.

Who Was Albert Einstein?

  • Author

    Gero Von Boehm
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