September 21, 2014

Charity Exhibition in Support of Peace One Day

For the third year in a row, the Art Salon (Kuwait) in collaboration with Contemporary Art Platform, have announced an open call to diverse group of international, emerging and young artists to contribute to the philosophy of “peace equals love”, ergo participating in one of the most prominent peace campaigns in the region, to support the non-profit organisation Peace One Day, founded by the British documentary filmmaker and actor Jeremy Gilley in 1999.

The Art Salon – Kuwait was established, under the steadfast support of the Contemporary Art Platform, with the intention of creating a platform for garnering peace awareness, by assembling a team of like-minded artists, musicians and other creative individuals who are willing to come together, fusing as one unit to promote love and peace through music and art.

By joining forces with artists from around the globe, the Art Salon is unifying its stand as a peace-making entity in not just Kuwait, but the entire region. This Peace One Day exhibition gives a voice to artists everywhere, promoting peace through unity, love and awareness.

The exhibition features the artworks of more than 60 artists, galleries, institutions and individual curators from Kuwait and abroad to fund children in Gaza in collaboration with Gassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation and to fund Kuwait Child’s Rights Society.

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