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May 16, 2012

Rawiya, meaning “she who tells a story” is a group of six female photographers from across the Middle East. In this exhibition, 40 photographs have been selected from the works of Laura Boushnak (Palestine), Myriam Abdelaziz (Egypt), Tamara Abdul Hadi (Iraq), Tanya Habjouqa(Jordan), Dalia Khamissy (Lebanon) and Newsha Tavakolian (Iran). They attempt the return to a past that no longer exists and the departure into a future that remains unknown, making us ask if “The Other Resurrection” in the Middle East is a path to new life or another death?


Witness the journey of six female photographers from the Middle East who look head-on at the past year of identity crises, sexual awakening, and so-called revolutions. Photograph subjects include the small joys of women in Gaza, the poignant belongings of kidnapped sons and husbands, the new life of Iranian transsexual Maria, the literacy crisis and the waves of street art in Egypt.