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Amin Mahfouz


“I draw and paint to express the amazing beauty and clarity of the planet which was destroyed and continues being destroyed by humankind, war, and pollution” – Amin Mahfouz

Mahfouz, the son of Damascus, holds memories which goes back to the Second World War which result in his artwork being a beautiful documentation of history. Born in 1933, Mahfouz found love for the four arts: fine art, classical music, literature, and theatre. His love for the Syrian countryside in Ghouta resulted in the subject of his artwork being the nature of the countryside including the orchards in which he was raised.

Mahfouz specializes in Impressionism, depicting the Syrian, Palestinian and American countryside.
When he moved to Kuwait, he started to depict old Kuwait including architecture and structures which are no longer standing. Shifting to Realism, Mahfouz also depicts portraits and Arabic calligraphy.




About the Artist

Mahfouz, born in 1933, worked for two years at Damascus TV in 1958 as a painter, then he moved to Kuwait TV when it was established in 1961. He continued to produce art whilst in Kuwait. He has studied and created art in many cities including Damascus, München, Paris, Milwaukee, and Kuwait.

Exhibitions and fairs:

  • Spring Fair in Damascus Museum – 1950’s
  • Gallery Schwaben in Germany – 1960’s
  • National Museum of Kuwait – 1970’s
  • Rue de Seine, Paris – 1970’s
  • Gallery Delanc in Milwaukee – 1998
  • Gallery of formative artists celebrating Kuwait Liberation Day – 2003
  • Gallery of formative artists celebrating Kuwait National Day – 2004
  • Boushahri Gallery – 2020
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