Evasive Sanctuaries – Speculative Horizons

Exhibition Dates
Artist / Curator

Saad Alsharrah, Hajime Kimura, Sean Lotman, Moe Suzuki

Evasive Sanctuaries is an exhibition that explores physical and psychological spaces that have complex and multilayered significance, that are both remembered and imagined.

The exhibition expands further on the themes surveyed through Speculative Horizon’s initial events: ‘Land’ and ‘People’, and introduces the ‘Sea’. The four photographic projects presented investigate how terraforming is enacted at vast and specific places: planetary exploration, the deep sea, a city after war and the demise of a dwelling. Each of these narratives is closely associated with Japan and told through the documented personal experiences of each visual storyteller.

The photographs exhibited are produced through a variety of digital and analogue photographic techniques that expand and experiment with the traditions of documentary photography.

The projects are intentional in their refusal to provide answers, instead posing questions that can be further explored through speculative contemplation and further assisted through the associated Educational Program designed specifically for the exhibition.

Evasive Sanctuaries was curated by Stephanie Rose Wood and Dr Kristian Häggblom. Printed by Peter Hatzipavlis from Final Grade, Melbourne, Australia.

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