International Women’s Day, Through the Eyes of Egyptian Artists

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Kuwait - Based Egyptian Artist

في إطار الاحتفالات بشهر الفرانكفونية 2024، تقدم سفارة مصر معرضًا فنيًا يضم أعمال فنانين مصريين مقيمين في الكويت، تزامنًا مع اليوم العالمي للمرأة.

As part of the celebrations for Francophonie Month 2024, The Embassy of Egypt presents an art exhibition featuring works by Kuwait-based Egyptian artists, coinciding with International Women’s Day.

Women are half of society, but they are independent beings in  themselves. They are the mirror of society, reflecting it’s progress, development and advancement. The role of women was pivotal in the renaissance of ancient and modern societies, and through this role they demonstrated their ability to bring about positive change in those societies. Their remarkable presence in various aspects of life and their insistence on standing beside men and supporting them is evidence that they are an essential element in bringing about the process of change in society. Therefore. we must pay attention to women, and not neglect any of their rights, as they are the ones who nurture generations of all genders, to create a promising future for their country and to build a civilization that future generations will talk about. With the passing of days, up to our modern era, the status of women exceeded outdated limits, from being the incubator of existence to becoming a participant in the ownership of society. Therefore, we celebrate women  every year to send them message of appreciation and respect through words and phrases in this art exhibition, to tell the world part of the story of their lives.

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