Keep it Fresh ” Nature & Nostalgia “

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Reza Doust, This Exhibition is curated by Maryam Nia


Keep it Fresh “Nature & Nostalgia”

Reza Doust

For years, I’ve always travelled with some of my sketches, snippets of photos, and a few sugar cubes. These items serve as the foundation for my work. As I sip bitter tea with a sugar cube melting in my mouth, I gaze at these collected fragments—drawn from the works of Old Persian masters—pondering their interpretations of life’s events across different times and spaces. Are their accounts similar to mine? I sense them calling to me, inviting me to present my version of events in the present and to juxtapose it with theirs. This process brings me immense relief.
In my recent works, I explore subjects such as daily life, historical narratives, and, occasionally, my own experiences. To convey my spontaneous feelings about the repetitive nature of life and for those constrained by it in their quest for daily sustenance, time, culture, and history, I sought a large canvas to capture that overwhelming voice more realistically—it’s almost deafening.
My thoughts dwell on routine, tradition, modernity, existence, love, justice, and the essence of life itself.

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