Quill and Verse: A Calligraphic Poetry

Exhibition Dates
Artist / Curator

Fareed Abdal

In this exhibition, Fareed Abdal unveils a collection of new calligraphic works created during the
past couple of years encompassing themes of resistance parallel to Palestinians’ struggle with the
occupation and freedom. The collection transcends the limitations of language, entering into a
realm where spirituality and a yearning towards peace converge. In this intricate dance of ink and
paper, Fareed’s hand echoes the verses of his teacher Hamid Murtaja, from Gaza, along with Sufi
master poets Najm Addin Kubbra and Omar Ibn Al-Farid. The calligraphic works tell the stories
of resilience and hope from the heart of Palestine where the Arabic script becomes a silent
narrator, recounting tales of a land steeped in history, strife and unwavering determination,
emphasizing the enduring spirit that refuses to be silenced.

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