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Speculative Horizons Exhibition Australian Based Artists: Chris Round, Mike Gray, Paul Batt, Anne Moffatt, Lee Grant, Nathan Stolz, Sarina Liros, Nicholas Hubicki, Kaede James-Takatomo, Noah Thompson. Kuwaiti Based Artists: Deema Alghunaim, Hazelyn Joy Barros, Sandra Pinedo, Adel Ashkanani, Amal Abdullah Ghannam, Eman Alshawaf, Mariam Alghanim, Samos. Brought to you by: Polestar, Contemporary Art Platform, Australian Embassy in Kuwait, Perimeter, Path Centre for Photography, Photography Studies College, ACB, Hahnemule, Tall Poppy Press, Two Inadequate Voices, Final Grade, Mars, Spicers, We Are Photo Collective.

Speculative Horizons is an exciting new collaboration between Kuwait and Australia that will feature contemporary Australian and Kuwaiti photography and develop an expanding dialogue between the regions. The collaboration will be launched with an exhibition and symposium focusing on still and moving imagery in Kuwait City in 2023. The inaugural event will explore ideas associated with ‘Land’ and ‘People’ and the interconnectedness between space/place and inhabitation/culture.


Speculative Horizons has been developed by Dr Kristian Häggblom (Australia) and Dr Saad Alsharrah (Kuwait), and is supported by The Australian Embassy in Kuwait and will be staged at the Contemporary Art Platform.

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