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One day out of boredom, I began experimenting in Photoshop with photos I’ve taken throughout the years. Over time, I developed my own method of manipulating these images. It’s a process of digital collage done by adding textures, shapes, and colors to form portraits that emulate my emotions on any given day. I open my heart to these characters and we go on a collective journey together through moods and phases. The process is both a fight and a release for me, and for a moment in time a reality I find peace in.

بالصدفة في أحد األيام، وبدافع مقاومة الملل، بدأت في تجربة
مجموعة من الصور التي التقطتها وعالجتها في برنامج )الفوتو
.شوب(. كانت هذه بداية لتطوير طريقة خاصة بي للتعامل مع الصور
في الحقيقة هي عملية تكوين كوالج بتقنية رقمية تتم عن طريق
إضافة بعض العناصر والتكوينات واأللوان لبورتريهات لشخصيات
تفاعلت معها مشاعري في يوم من األيام. لهذه الشخصيات أفتح
.قلبي لنرحل معا في رحلة جماعية من خالل حاالت مزاجية مختلفة
بالنسبة لي هذه عملية صراع وتحرر في الوقت نفسة. لحظة من
.الزمن أنشد ,اجد فيها السالم النفسي في الحياة الواقعية


Bader Qabazard is Kuwaiti national born in 1961. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Motion Pictures and Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Bader has exhibited around the Middle East and Europe. He’s had four solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions. Currently he works for Al Majlis TV as a Creative Consultant.
1991 Agency producer with Impact/BBDO based in Dubai’s Regional headquarters. Served clients throughout the region and Europe. Clients included Pepsi Cola and General Motors.
1994 Freelanced directing for AD agencies. Clients included Saatchi &
Saatchi, and Leo Burnett. Later took on full time directing for Star TV/
Channel V becoming the first GCC national responsible for over 270
hours of music programming for a major international network.
1998 Executive producer/director for Disney Channel Middle East.
2002 Head of Photography department at Boushahri Group in Kuwait.
2004 Established Yellow Cape Productions which focused on
documentaries and corporate films.
2006 – 2014 Al Watan TV Head of Creative Services for Al Watan

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