Bruce Mau: MC24: Bruce Mau’s 24 Principles for Designing Massive Change in your Life and Work

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“Mau: MC 24, Bruce Mau’s 24 Principles for Designing Massive Change in Your Life and Work” is an inspirational and motivational book that is relevant to anyone who wants to make big changes — from business leaders and entrepreneurs to designers and students — in their work and life.

In equal parts a business leadership book, an art book and a personal development book, this stunningly beautiful and practical blend of business wisdom and design methodology introduces Mau’s 24 massive change (MC24) design principles through a compelling mix of illustrations, data and real-life examples. For each MC24 principle, Mau provides an array of  prompts that guide readers to thinking critically about how they can apply MC24 principles to elevate and amplify any project.

Mau believes that design is more than making fancy objects look good. Design provides the process and the tools, Mau argues, for leaders to envision a better future across the spectrum of human activities and devise a systematic approach to achieving their vision. A key premise of Mau’s book is you don’t have to be a designer to design a better life or a better business company, making this the perfect gift for everyone who wants to design and lead change on any scale.



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