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Entrepreneur ShaoLan Hsueh created Chineasy® to educate the world about the richness of Chinese culture through its written language. Her visual, building-block-style teaching method makes learning characters simple and fun: by learning common characters, readers can quickly grasp and communicate basic words and phrases while traveling.

Illustrated by Noma Bar, this guide breaks down essential characters for reading directions, making purchases, using public transport, ordering food off a menu, and more. Through teaching fundamental building-blocks, ShaoLan also explains the history and cultural influences behind each character. Whether you are planning a business trip or a vacation, Chineasy® Travel is the perfect pocket-sized companion to help you break down the barriers of language and culture, and broaden your traveling horizons in the Chinese-speaking world.



Book Author

ShaoLan Hsueh (Author), Noma Bar (Illustrator)


Thames and Hudson



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Chineasy Travel
5.00 د.ك

Availability: 1 in stock

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