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January 14, 2020

Join us for the premier of Aseel Alyaqoub’s first film on Tuesday. This film is the result of four years of research looking into the history of Kuwait from 1961 until the present. It attempts to draw a messy and complex narrative into focus using existing archival footage. In doing so, it raises questions on whether a consistently threatened nation should focus on peaceful diplomatic efforts, strengthen its military, or both.



Shurooq Amin

January 8, 2020

Symbolism and allegory, history and poetry, politics and society, all interlace into one story. The works in this series reveal a two-year journey that explores how the private and public play on each other back and forth within the tiny seed of our ancestors that nestles inside each one of us, just like the Russian Doll.


Athier Mousawi

December 9, 2019

Where everything is floating, and everything is fading into light. The three dimensional space in which I have placed these works refer to early 80’s crude graphics when a digital image of the world was being constructed, using a naïve and as yet unevolved technology.


November 20, 2019 

For over thirty years, each piece has been individually approached with sensitivity to form and expression resulting in a collection of visual references to animals, biblical figures, and people crossed paths with in life. 


Mohammad Sharaf

November 20, 2019 

This powerful installation includes more than 200 headstones inscribed with the names of some of the books that were banned by the government in recent years. These books vary from children’s books to encyclopedias, novels, political and religious books written by local and international authors.


Hiba Alansari

Fadi Al-Hamwi

November 20, 2019 

Al-Hamwi and Alansari concern themselves with lending physical shape to the human experience of war. The human figure remains largely obscured in their multi-media practices, as domestic furnishings offer traces of the lack of humanity in the everyday experience of conflict.


Hafez Gallery


November 20, 2019

Hafez Gallery participates for the first time in Kuwait with CAP and as part of Nuqat's 2019 cultural week, presenting a great selection of works by prominent Middle Eastern artists.

October  15, 2019

This exhibition envisions a scenario emerging from the blend of Middle Eastern culture with Western Influences. Al-Hemd raises the following questions: To what extent should Western standards influence other societies? How does a nation modernise considering culture, tradition and religion?

The works of Kuwaiti artist Mahmoud Ashkanani vary in form and colour. Using an abstract style he attempts to create a world of unique colours. Expressed through warm and cool hues, Ashkanani's themes range from the dramatic to the individualistic, and even to world issues - all without compromising the principles of the abstract. 

This exhibition features the latest stylized works of Kuwaiti artist Sami Mohammad.  His current work revolves around ongoing notions of migration, the transitional mental and physical state of leaving a known, yet distressing place in search of improved circumstances. In these works he captures moments and emotions of the displaced.

CAP is pleased to present I Read, I Write by Laura Boushnak. This exhibition will feature a selection of photographs from her series of works which tell stories of women across Arab countries who changed their lives through education.

What defines Kuwait’s Architectural identity?
As the landscape keeps changing this definition is constantly evolving. It may be easy to recall buildings that answer this question, but harder to visit and experience them first-hand.


March 14, 2019

The Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) will be exhibiting artworks from the ‘Kuwait Daily Life’ Competition. 
The Competition was targeted at ages 18 – 25, focusing on Kuwait as their subject.
Join us as we announce the winners of the competition and exhibit selected artworks.

Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) in collaboration with Mashrabia Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of New Waves in Contemporary Egyptian Art , presenting artists Ahmed Askalany, Ahmed Elshaier, Ali Abdel Mohsen and Hani Rashed.

The fight in Farouk Hosny’s works undoubtedly belongs to Egypt—profound and faint, born of a gentle alchemy that combines the water of the Nile, the water of the sea, and the utterly parched desert.

A new exhibition in Kuwait of works by Fadi Yazigi tracks the renowned Syrian artist’s creative journey over the last decade and the impact that the intervening years have had on his art.



The Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) and Selections Magazine are proud to present Cultural Narratives, a collection of works showcasing more than 200 artists from the Middle East.


Group exhibition

This exhibition connects artists investigating different aspects of identity. To reach any form of understanding it is essential to begin with curiosity in its purist form: a desire to learn and to discover. This is where the artists begin their search, each choosing a focus to uncover and explore.

This exhibition explores categories in photography such as conceptual, documentary, abstract and wildlife; and includes works that make you question the image itself.

Palestinians have been living under occupation for over 50 years. Though many accounts have been heard about daily struggles and injustices, it’s impossible to know how it feels unless experienced first-hand. Being occupied is not just a force that takes over the land, it restricts people physically and can even inhabit the mind.
Art is one of the great forms of expression and has helped these artists communicate their thoughts, feelings and reality. Through the pieces in this exhibition we can experience frustration and disillusion but also perseverance and hope.


Naji Al-Ali

May 8, 2018

CAP is honored to present Handala, a selection of works between the years 1967-1985 by the great artist Naji Al-Ali. The opening will take place Tuesday 8th of May, in line with the 70th anniversary of the Nakba in Palestine.

Form: Perspectives in Kuwaiti Art aims to exhibit a group of modern Kuwaiti artists to explore both formal and conceptual representations of the human form. Through a variety of techniques and mediums, the artists reflect themes of beauty, identity, tradition and contemporary society.

Ramon Aular's compositions, with a predominant use of gold, are a metaphor of life. His surroundings, his desires, are a reflection of that indissoluble bond between his roots and what surround him. The use of color takes us to places of dreams, where everything is possible.

Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait mounts a never-before-seen constellation
of the Jerusalem-born artist’s photographic works for Art Paris this April, CAP Kuwait is pleased to present a solo booth featuring the works of award-winning and internationally exhibited artist Steve Sabella, born in Jerusalem, Palestine, and based in Berlin since 2010.

A design initiative that merges design, heritage and innovation to present contemporary and high-quality design inspired by the local culture and artisan skills bringing together designers, artists and galleries alongside renowned design brands.

The Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) is pleased to announce K Files, Tarek Al-Ghoussein’s first solo exhibition in Kuwait.
Part of a larger frame of work that documents found material from family albums, antique shops, the Internet and other sources, the performative photographs feature interactions between the artist and sites of grandness and importance in an attempt to track significant places in Kuwait’s development.

This exhibition’s four photographers: Maytham Al Misri, Mohammad Khorshed, Mohammed AlKandari and Majed Al Zaabi, have collected an arsenal of awards and international recognition; from world-renowned competitions and organizations such as: National Geographic, the Al-Thani International Photography Contest, the American Photography Federation, the Hamdan Bin Rashed Contest, the Maria Luisa Contest in Spain and the Austria Photography Contest.

THIRD IDENTITY explores the artistic (re)construction of the Al Dakhel identity and its evolution through three generations of artists. It is conceived as a journey through time that outlines common themes and concerns such as memory, post colonialism, hybridity, minority, and both the absence and cross-fertilization of cultures. It shows the richness and the diversity that flourished despite the traumas and “schizophrenic” living conditions, as one artist put it. This exhibition aims to shine a light on this group and give it its rightful place within the regional Arab culture.


Jad El Khoury

It all started a generation ago when Jad El Khoury held on and in him all the colors. Colors provoked thoughts you know, how rude of them. Its not a mirror or some special effect, the person in front of you, is YOU.

"Two years ago I constructed my first origami polyhedron. I was unaware that this one object would be instrumental in shaping many paintings and stories to come. And many, many polyhedra to follow. But such is the pattern that plays itself out in my life as an artist: creations are influenced by both the banal and the important in life, not imitating art but mirroring it.

As I prepared for this exhibition, the mood of my work kept shifting from purpose to purpose. Until love, until peace, until I’m settled in a place I want to be. Always waiting for the big Until."

June 4, 2014

“Khaleeji Reinterpreted” is a charity art exhibit celebrating 5 years of Khaleejesque

Re-cast is an architectural photography exhibition organized by CAP and sponsored by Pace. Young architects were given a unique learning experience designed to support the newest generation of architects.


Group exhibition

September 21, 2013

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Khari Al-Kuwait & Loyac


Group exhibition

August 1, 2012

The Exhibition “Blue, Gray & Orange” will feature more than 30 artworks on canvas, paper and prints by renowned and emerging artists from Middle East such as : Paul Guiragossian, Assadour, Dia Al Azzawi, Shawki Youssef, Bahram Hajou, Jafar Islah, Katia Traboulsi, Halim Karim, Hussein Madi, Thuraya Al Baqsami and more.


Group exhibition

April 18, 2012

CAP is pleased to invite you to a group show which focuses on the artist’s evolution, featuring the artworks and studies of: Jowhara AlSaud, Noor Al Suwaidi, Nadine Kanso & Jaffar Al Oraibi.


December 14, 2011

Hamad Al Humaidhan, age 12, has been painting since the age of 7. Hamad paints his world with youtful emotions. His characters some real, some legendary and others just imaginary are composed with the mastery of an established artist.


October 19, 2011

A luscious exhibition of works collected from where the sun rises on the Arab world to where it sets. Through a number of symbolic gestures, the artists featured explore the theme of homeland and exile. Artists: Chaffic Abboud, Assadour, Dia Azzawi, Abdallah Benanteur, Mahjoub Ben Bella. Curator Claude Lemand.


September 28, 2011

The  first exhibition at CAP. Face to face exhibition portraits from the archives of Kuwait's art collectors.



Issa Halloum

Born in Kuwait, Issa Halloum is a Lebanese painter who draws his inspiration from the rural Bekaa region in Lebanon. Nature in this area is abundant, and the light that radiates from the green fields and vivid yellow meadows is reflected in Halloum’s paintings.

“Hani Zurob has been a firsthand witness to recent critical events that have shaped his subjectivity. He eschews widely circulated media imagery in favour of using the medium of tar that is per se highly charged with contemporary narratives on atrocity that go beyond the personal experience of the artist in Palestine. Besides serving to interrogate the medium of painting, the tar could be the “piece of evidence” that provides “a reservoir of the real” 1 for the viewers to activate their personal archive of imagery.“

'My works smell like newborn baby, like mother's milk. I want to inspire my audiences, using my works as signs of happiness and pure life, available to all.  If I create a bird, it can fly on the seventh heaven. If I create an instrumentalist, it can play the happiest song for a lifetime. And If I create a flower, it smells like heaven, for friendship and peace. My works are simply an interpretation of my life.'

"With 'Skin of the city', I explore architectural projects on billboards and palisades, mainly in Kuwait City, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the satellite emirates. These advertisements are generally developed on a 3D drawing software at the request of the sponsor or extracted from simple image banks. A visual marketing that often replaces the work of architects and sometimes the very realization of the project itself."


Mathieu Merlet Briand

Cesar Bardoux

In collaboration with HORS-CADRE Gallery and the French Institute in Kuwait, we’re pleased to present artists César Bardoux and Mathieu Merlet Briand for their first exhibition in Kuwait entitled Digital Flow.

Using mainly found materials that are collaged, manipulated and censored, the artist re-imagines and explores definitions of sinner and saint, and the underlying restrictions of self-expression that limit access to a marketed sense of enlightenment.